Tony Dočekal (Zilveren Camera portrait, Olympus Young Talent Award) graduated from ArtEZ Enschede in 2015 (BA in Fine Arts).

Dočekal captures social situations in a way that invites further interpretation. Her work refers to the larger social issues of our time. Since 2019, after an artist residency at KALA Art Institute in Berkeley (CA), she has worked as photographer and storyteller at Sheltersuit Foundation. Other clients include Chloé, Museum Arnhem, Unicef, Wereld Ouders, ShelterLab and Nike.

Dočekal has made both journalistic and autonomous work, constantly exploring the boundary between journalistic observation and autonomous photography.

Based in The Netherlands/Paris – available for projects globally

For all inquiries, please contact​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
“Known for her contemplative compositions that refreshingly go against the aggressive barrage of imagery that overwhelms our screens and lives, Tony Dočekal reflects on the world’s current struggles with quarantine in Social Distancing."

- Kala Barba-Court, PLAIN Magazine, 2021
“I chose to work with Tony because, as a documentary photographer, she has a talent for capturing everyday scenes from an unexpected angle and for taking pictures of people without revealing their identity (sometimes a much-needed skill when taking photos in schools).” 

- Clien Wintzen, McTypeface Publishing, 2020
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