Tony Dočekal is a Dutch photographer and visual artist who graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts with a degree in Fine Arts. She received the Zilveren Camera Portrait (photojournalism award) in 2021 and the Olympus Young Talent Award in 2018. 

Known for capturing contemporary social issues that invite interpretation and encourage consideration of the stories behind the images, Dočekal has worked as a photographer and storyteller for social justice organizations, mainly focused on the challenges faced by disadvantaged communities, migrants, and access to quality education.

Clients include Chloé, Wereld Ouders, NPH, Sheltersuit, Shelter Lab, Unicef, Nike, and Museum Arnhem.

Based in The Netherlands/Paris – available for projects globally​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
“Known for her contemplative compositions that refreshingly go against the aggressive barrage of imagery that overwhelms our screens and lives, Tony Dočekal reflects on the world’s current struggles."

- Kala Barba-Court, PLAIN Magazine, 2021
“I chose to work with Tony because, as a documentary photographer, she has a talent for capturing everyday scenes from an unexpected angle and for taking pictures of people without revealing their identity (sometimes a much-needed skill when taking photos in schools).” 

- Clien Wintzen, McTypeface Publishing, 2020
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