“What does it mean to be home? I met Lyric, a 9-year-old girl living in a school bus in an RV park in Arizona, and Marion, who sleeps in her car near a day shelter for marginalized genders in Portland. We talked about the realities and complexities of growing up on the road and how social and economic forces shape our ideas of home and community.”
TONY DOČEKAL (Amsterdam, she/her) is a visual artist driven by the fluid nature of identity and the quest for belonging. Drawing inspiration from personal encounters, Dočekal’s work expresses a place where imagination and reality meet.

Her artistic approach allows her to explore the trials and triumphs of nomadic existence and unconventional structures while encouraging deeper consideration of contemporary social issues.

With a BA in Fine Arts from ArtEZ University of the Arts, Dočekal has received recognition including winning the Olympus Young Talent Award in 2018 and the Zilveren Camera Portrait in 2021.

Selected works are available as limited-edition fine art prints.

Based in The Netherlands/Paris – available for projects globally.

2018    Olympus Young Talent Award
2015    Menzis Jong Talent – runner up

2023    Shout Out Arizona - Voyage Group of Magazines
2021    Unsheltered Moments - Magazine #1
2021    Ain't Bad - longer ways to go
2021    Classics Magazine - longer ways to go
2020    Vogue US – for Sheltersuit
2020    Plain Magazine – social distancing
2019    Plain Magazine – brace for impact
2019    Aint-Bad – brace for impact
2019    Kiekie Tabloid N25 – interview
2018    Kiekie Talent Issue 2018 – online & print interview
2018    Plain Magazine – sometimes the light

2024     UPCOMING: Museum Arnhem 
2023     UPCOMING: Burgemeester de Bruin Prijs
2022     Praxis Gallery (group) - Minneapolis MN
2022     Museum Hilversum (group) - Zilveren Camera 2021
2020     Seventeen Seconds (group) – Galerie Plaatsmaken, Arnhem
2020     The Print Swap (group) – Foley Galery, New York City
2020     Scheltema (Let's Do This) – Scheltema, Amsterdam
2019     Murf/Murf-group – Pand P, Eindhoven
2019     Silent Alarm (solo) – Galerie Objektief, Enschede
2018     Olympus Young Talent (group) – FOAM Café, Amsterdam
2016     Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie (group) – Darmstadt, Germany
2016     New Dutch Photography Talent (group) – The Art’Otel, Amsterdam
2015     Where Will We Be When Summer’s Gone (solo) – B93, Enschede
2015     Jong Talent, Menzis (group) – Menzis, Groningen

“Known for her contemplative compositions that refreshingly go against the aggressive barrage of imagery that overwhelms our screens and lives, Tony Dočekal reflects on the world’s current struggles."

- Kala Barba-Court, PLAIN Magazine, 2021

“I chose to work with Tony because, as a documentary photographer, she has a talent for capturing everyday scenes from an unexpected angle and for taking pictures of people without revealing their identity (sometimes a much-needed skill when taking photos in schools).” 

- Clien Wintzen, McTypeface Publishing, 2020
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